A workable Safe Innovation Approach (SIA) requires tools to support the Safe-by-Design and Regulatory Preparedness concepts in order to address safety aspects timely and minimize uncertainty about health risks to workers, consumers and the environment.

The SIA Toolbox is a coherent set of tools and guidance documents to be used by various actors along the innovation chain. It thereby supports improved dealing with new safety issues of innovative nanomaterials and nanomaterial-containing products on one hand but also supporting improved regulatory preparedness on the other hand. All of the methods in the SIA toolbox have been selected to be supportive for SIA/SbD implementation.

You will be guided through this SIA Toolbox via 2 initial questions where you can indicate which phase of the innovation process you are interested in and whether you are interested in tools addressing the Risks, Costs, Benefits, or a combination of these elements. After selecting these two initial filters, four optional filters will be shown which you can use to further specifiy your interest if so desired. Pressing "submit" will subsequently take you to the list of tools which are applicable to your specific situation.

The SIA Toolbox is part of the NanoReg2 (NR2) project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 64622.



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